Nushki has its roots in Melbourne and its soul in Europe. Brought to fruition by talented designers Tanya Mizrahi and Ville Bernhardsson, Nushki melds the nonchalant elegance of Australia and the simplicity and high end nature of Europe.

Nushki is a Melbourne based brand, the founders of which originate from Sweden and the UK. Noticing a gap in the market for high quality yet affordable accessories, Tanya and Ville launched their bag line. 

The creators work directly with skilled artisans to ensure that the quality of each piece is flawless. They have designed their boutique bags to have a complex level of detail whilst maintaining a simple and minimalistic look. 

Nushki products are lovingly hand crafted and ethically made. Each bag is individually produced with love and care and the small lines ensure you have a unique and timeless piece.

Nushki stays true to its vision, bringing you bags with an edge, a touch of fun and a great sense of effortless style.