From European seedlings, sown in Australian soil, Nushki was nurtured into being by cutting-edge bag designers Tanya Mizrahi and Ville Bernhardsson. After meeting one another in Melbourne some years ago, Tanya and Ville's relationship blossomed into a fully-fledged concept and a creative partnership.

"I come from a long line of traditional bag-makers. And I remember, as a child, standing in the workshop, being fascinated by these beautiful bags my father and uncles used to craft with such love; such art". 

By melding elegant Aussie nonchalance with a touch of European style, Tanya and Ville set out to create flawlessly complex designs with a sleek minimalist look. Each piece would be unique and hand-made, allowing the time and care invested in it to shine through. Using strictly ethical labour and materials was a no-brainier. 

Since then the pair have launched a boutique line of bags and accessories that distinguishes itself from the mass-produced and generic fast-fashion currently flooding the market. The creators work directly with skilled artisans to ensure the quality of each, affordable yet high-end, item produced. Nushki has become synonymous with fun, with social responsibility, and, above all, with effortless grace.